It’s a place where culture, politics, history, and architecture collide. Diversity is not only welcomed, it is celebrated.
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The people in Sydney are very relaxed and easy going. They love to go out for drinks and just have a good time with mates.
Discover Sydney
The local food, beach, and art scene are stand-outs, but Playa del Carmen’s location exposes visitors to an abundance of world-class activities.
Discover Playa del Carmen
Every London neighborhood has a strong and unique identity. You can go from Notting Hill to Shoreditch and feel like you crossed many different little cities on your journey.
Discover London
The people of Seyne-sur-Mer love their city and are all so welcoming, generous and helpful.
Discover La Seyne-Sur-Mer
People in Rome are friendly and funny. The Roman language is warm and makes you feel good–like you are at home.
Discover Rome
It is vibrant, exciting, colorful, energetic and eccentric: it is everything you can imagine and has everything you could want.
Discover New York City
The weather and beaches are just a part of San Diego. We also have amazing restaurants and some world class breweries.
Discover San Diego
Although most tend to stay in San Juan, it’s in venturing around the island where you can get a real scope of the beauty of Puerto Rico.
Discover San Juan
Today, Boston is mainly known for being a giant college town, its sports teams and some of the best researchers & hospitals in the world.
Discover Boston
Siena is an authentic city where you can fully experience the historic Tuscan atmosphere.
Discover Siena
The cultural community here is vibrant and growing, but there’s also a slower and more mindful pace here that makes for easy living.
Discover Kansas City
What used to be a historic railroad town is now a city with a burgeoning arts scene, great food, and every type of outdoor activity imaginable just a stone’s throw away.
Discover Roanoke
The best thing about Indian Wells is the view! The contrast between the sandy desert floor and the snowy mountain tops is something that I never tire of seeing.
Discover Indian Wells
The best thing about Boca Raton depends on what you’re in search of. Beaches and nature preserves, or shopping and spas. You will be very happy either way, but the parks are definitely something to check out!
Discover Boca Raton
St Louis would totally be that cool aunt everyone has! Although the city is older, it still has an edgy funk to it! You can never have a dull time in St. Louis.
Discover St Louis
In Phoenix, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Art, sports, vineyards, James Beard award-winning restaurants, and several great resorts.
Discover Phoenix
Chicago is such a big city that it easily caters to people with different tastes and interests. There is no shortage of various world-class restaurants and during the summers there are actually several festivals and events every single week.
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